• Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are your rates?

    Our prices are based on your house or apartment’s size (square footage), the number of bathrooms and many other aspects ranging from laundry requests, appliance cleaning, wall washings – every cleaning is a one of a kind task, but rest assured they all have the same outstanding results. Are rates are from $20 to $30 per hour (depending of time cleaning)

    2. How can I get a cleaning quote?

    We can offer you a free telephone estimate or you can submit request quote. However if it is a unique situation, then we will gladly give you a free site inspection. This will allow us to fully understand all of your cleaning requirements, expectations, and specifics.

    3. What is the availability of Jersey's Finest Cleaning?

    We may customize a cleaning plan for you. We offer Monday to Friday appointments. First-time clients, we prefer that you initially meet your housekeeper so that you may better explain all of your needs in person.

    4. At what time will theJ ersey's Finest Cleaning be at my house?

    Our normal work days are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., although these hours may be adjusted slightly to meet your individual needs. While it is not always possible to give a specific time when we will be at your home, we will make every effort to adjust our schedule to meet your needs. Please call our office 48 hours in advance, if possible, so that we may best accommodate you.

    5. Do I have to do anything before the cleaning?

    Not at all. This is why you have hired Jersey's Finest Cleaning. "Please let us do the work for you, relax and enjoy the results".

    6. What if something is broken or damaged when my home is cleaned?

    We hire housekeepers that treat your home like it's their own. However, if something is accidentally broken or damaged, we will make every effort to have it repaired or replaced.

    8. Do I need to provide my cleaning supplies and equipment?

    All supplies are provided by Jersey's Finest Cleaning. Where safety regulations allow, we will be pleased to accommodate special requests to use your own preferred cleaning supplies. In emergency situations we use our vacuum cleaner.

    9. Do I have to be home at the time of my cleaning?

    Every circumstance is unique. First-time residential clients who are ordering on a weekly or biweekly basis, we prefer you to be present at the first-time cleaning so that you can meet the employee and give him/her or the cleaning team full instructions on how you prefer things to be done. Also if the cleaner has questions or concerns, you are able to point out all of the specifics.

    10. What if I need to cancel or reschedule my cleaning date or time?

    Please notify us within 48 hours in advance if you are a weekly, biweekly or monthly client.

    11. Will the housekeeper clean my windows?

    As part of your cleaning package we will include windows within a reasonable height and interior only. If you can provide the dimensions of the windows, including sizes, heights and width, and the number of windows, we can give you a general idea of the cost for extended interior and exterior cleaning.

    12. What parts of the city does Jersey's Finest Cleaning cover?

    We work all over the State of New Jersey and cover all counties.

    Questions? Call Us: 732-540-7084