• Housekeeping Cleaning Services


         Our residential housekeeping services will keep your home regularly clean and tidy at all times. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning packages. We do require you to complete an initial deep clean so we can take care of the neglected areas and setup a cleaning schedule. 

         One thing people don't have time for is cleaning -- and that's why Jersey's Finest Cleaning is here. After a long day of work, cooking and getting the kids ready for bed and school the next day, cleaning is probably the last thing on your mind, that's where our professional cleaning services come in.

         With our help you can keep the schedule you have and don't have to worry about the stress of cleaning any longer. We tackle any chore you don't want to do and keep your house looking new each and every time. If you are a single mom, dad, or frequent corporate traveler, we will make sure the fish are fed, cat and dogs are happy and all is well. We take pride in being part of your family and making sure the house is super clean!

    Kitchen and Eating Areas

    Counter Tops Cleaned Cabinet Exterior Cleaned Mini Blinds Dusted
    Wash/Dust Table & Chairs Refrigerator Exterior, Rubber Seals & Air Vents Cleaned Floors Mopped
    Small Appliances Cleaned Dishwasher Front Cleaned Trash Emptied
    Microwave Cleaned Inside & Out Sinks Cleaned & Chrome Shined General Dusting
    Stove Top / Oven Exteriors Cleaned Window Sills Dusted Cobwebs Removed


    Bath Tubs / Showers Cleaned Mirrors Cleaned Floors Mopped / Carpets Vacuumed
    Shower Doors Cleaned Window Sills Dusted Trash Emptied
    Sinks & Vanity Cleaned Mini Blinds Dusted Cobwebs Removed
    Toilets Cleaned Inside and Out Chrome Fixtures Cleaned & Shined General Dusting

    Bedrooms / Living Areas / Hallways / Stairs

    Beds Made Carpets Vacuumed & Floors Mopped Trash Emptied
    Furniture Dusted Stairs Vacuumed Upholstered Furniture Vacuumed
    Window Sills Dusted Picture Frames Dusted Glass Tables Cleaned
    Mini Blinds Dusted Lampshades Dusted Knick-Knack Areas Dusted
    Ceiling Fans Dusted Mirrors Cleaned Llight General Straightening
    Cobwebs Removed    

    Rotational Tasks

    These house cleaning service tasks are typically completed on a rotational basis, depending on the needs in your home from visit to visit, or we will select these tasks based on an area or room of concentration.

    Move & Vacuum Under Accessible Furniture Hand Wipe Baseboards Vanity Exterior Doors Cleaned
    Edges of Carpet Vacuumed Cabinet Exteriors Cleaned Furniture Polished
    Clean Range Hood Outside & Inside and Grease Filter Clean Door Frames & Light Switches Knick-Knacks Cleaned
    Clean Drip Pans Mildew in Shower and Tub Chemically Treated Air Vents Dusted

    Additional Services

    Inside of Refrigerator Outside Kitchen
    Inside of Oven Entry Ways
    Patio Doors Window Washing


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