• Senior Care Housekeeping Assistance

  • Taking care of Jersey's Finest Retired & Seniors

         Jersey's Finest Cleaning puts our Retired Community & Seniors first! We are committed to maintaining a safe and clean home for our clients. Often retired and seniors need just a little help keeping their home clean, tidy and safe. We enjoy working with our seniors in making them feel comfortable as we do what we do best -- make your home clean and comfortable.

         Many of our Retired and Senior clients call us directly to arrange weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services. There are also many times when family members who are a bit of a distance away or out of state will contact us to tidy up their senior family members home on their behalf. It's a great pleasure for us to have this opportunity! When you are at this point in life or work a full schedule and can not travel to take care family -- you can rely on Jersey's Finest Cleaning to get the job done right!

         Let our Jersey's Finest Cleaning service professionals take over this job. By taking care of light housekeeping, we can relieve some of that burden and help you keep your home comfortable. Our cleaning professionals provide light housekeeping assistance that can help you keep a clean and healthy environment.

    Our Senior cleaning professionals provide regular light housekeeping services such as:

    ~ Wiping down counters, doing dishes
    ~ Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen
    ~ Vacuuming
    ~ Laundry
    ~ Dusting
    ~ Meal preparation
    ~ Ironing
    ~ Changing linens
    ~ Pet Assistance
    ~ Plant Assistance

         We understand that having a clean and comfortable home can make a big difference.  Our Jersey Finest Cleaning Family knows what it is like to care for retired and seniors. How? Because we care for own. We know exactly what is needed to put a smile on your face or a family member of yours that we serve.

         We invite you to call us to go over packages and cleaning schedules available. The last thing we want is your senior family member moving around the house cleaning and lifting. We are prepared to add you to our schedule and take over the responsibility.

    Questions? Call Us: 732-540-7084